Saturday, April 18, 2009


pretty powerful blog post from a dear friend in our church. great parenting advice, but just great gospel truth as well.

The Stewart Family: Redeeming All Failures

my favorite quote from the blog:
"That is what is so hard about being a parent....seeing your failures effect your own children. Stew always tells me,
'Don't will scar them....but Jesus will redeem all their scars!'"

i am not a parent, but it kills me to see my own failures affect those around me and those that i lead. most of the time i wonder why the lord has put my in a position of influence. what an encouraging word!

Monday, April 13, 2009

he is risen, he is risen indeed!!!

the video below is full of cardboard testimonies from people in our church. real people being redeemed. powerful!!

Cardboard Stories from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

You can say a lot on a piece of cardboard. People from The Austin Stone share the story of God's redemptive work in their lives. (Music by the Iversons:

and if you have a chance you should listen to the sermon. "the christ follower defined".

easter video...

we showed this video to the kids yesterday at church. it is simple, yet pretty powerful. it was made by one of the dad's in our church and his daughter is the voice over. enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

other blog...

so we have a blog for our parents at the austin stone to read. we use it to share info about what is coming up or to write reviews about movies and such. here is a recent article i wrote hoping to encourage parents. it is just a glimpse of what i was like as a child. enjoy and feel free to laugh.