about me...

my name is becca harris. i am the st. john campus minister at the austin stone community church in austin, tx, a diabetic, friend to all, the one who will do anything for a laugh, and also known for occasionally being mischievious.

before coming to austin, i worked at pine cove camps for four years teaching outdoor education and leading and investing in college summer staff in the summer. i graduated from oklahoma baptist university in 2003 with a degree in children's minstry and some of the best memories and friends ever! i went to high school in aurora, co, but spent my earlier years between dallas, san antonio and katy, tx.

i am a follower of jesus christ or at least am fumbling in my attempt to follow him. while i work at a church, i am certainly far from perfect.

i am a mama to two handsome boys, dexter and jeremiah. we became a forever family on november 7, 2013 and i am the luckiest mom ever! parenting will likely be one of my common topics on here since i am learning so much about it and it is the hardest thing i have ever done.

i am single, which is hard and good at the same time (like most phases of life), but i am continuing to learn to trust that god will provide for all of my needs, and if knows i need a husband, he will bring me one, or make me one out of dirt even... he has done that before.

in addition to jesus and my boys, i love being outside, playing sports, listening to music, reading, etc.

i hope you enjoy reading...