Friday, August 1, 2008

more summer updates...

4th of July
I got to celebrate our nations birthday not at camp or in Costa Rica this year. It was weird. I was not sure what to do. I was not watching my guy friends almost blow themselves up in front of campers. I wanted to grill and play out on the lake, which is what i ended up doing. Rachel and I went over to our friend Travis's house, played some ladder golf (which I was pretty good at, or not) and went out on the lake. We didn't know hardly anyone, but it was still fun. We ended the evening by catching up with Wendy and Mary and watching some fireworks out at Zilker Park. We weren't close enough to hear the symphony, maybe next year. But it was still a fun day!

my boys...
Aren't these guys the cutest!! They belong to a family that I have grown to love here in Austin. They actually have 3 girls too! One night the boys and their parents joined us at Rudy's for dinner. The boys saw some policemen (their heroes) and they were in awe!! The policemen gave us police tattoos and we of course had to put them on right then. It took some convincing before the boys thought it was okay for a girl to be a policewoman. But we worked it out.

3rd roomie
That is right. I have a third roommate now. No, Cassie and I did not move. We are still in the same awesome 2 bedroom. Rachel just moved her stuff on into my room. It is like being in college all over again, except this time rather than 2 twin beds, there is a double and a queen bed in our room. It has been fun learning to share a room and bathroom again, but it has been really fun so far.

Just Another Day at The Austin Stone...
Our church is going through a money matters series. MAN is it good!! You should check out the podcasts!! One of the best sermon series on money that I have ever heard. It has really revealed where my heart's affections lie.

But on a lighter note, we are teaching the kids about stewardship too. We are trying to give them a practical way to give above and beyond the normal tithe. So we are having a school supplies drive for Community New Start. Well to build excitement, I of course needed full size costumes. So my friend Holly whipped some up and they are awesome. Bradley and I LOVED wearing them all day Sunday. Don't be jealous of my job.

Nebraska lovin'...
Carrie came to visit last week!! It was an awesome surprise!! I only wish we could have spent more time together. I took her to Freddie's and had a surprise waiting for her at the restaurant. Michael Fermier! It was awesome!

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