Friday, October 17, 2008

my brother the marine...

a pic of jon and i last year when he came home.

so my brother is back in iraq (he is a marine) and has been there for about a month now. he will be there for 8-14 months total. we have heard from him via facebook and he even called us this week. i however, missed the call, but my mom got to talk to him. it sounds like he is doing well. he can't really tell us specifics of what he is doing, but he said he is flying a lot and that things in this part of iraq are getting much better. he said it is very different from last time. mom said it sounded like he was in good spirits. i am putting a package together today for him. i am actually going to walk to target (because that is how close it is to my house now) and pick up some goodies. if you ever want to encourage him or send him a package i am sure he would love it! especially as it gets closer to the holidays. this will be his first time in iraq for the holidays and his birthday (feb 28). below is his address. and if you send a package, the post office has special priority mail boxes for soldiers that are free to get and cheaper to ship. you can just pick one up there. what does he like? any kind of cookies or homemade goods. he says chocolate doesn't usually make it, so that it no good. but he LOVES rockstar energy drinks, crest pro health toothpaste, axe body wash, caribou coffee granola bars, and fun kinds of gum. he is more of a salty snack person than sweets. but i am sure he will be grateful for anything he gets.

CPL Jonathan Harris
HMM 161
Unit 41066
FPO AP 96426-1066

thanks for loving on him and encouraging him. it means a lot to his big sister.

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Dara Steward said...

You are a great big sis! We will pray for John while he is so bravely serving our country! I pray all is well with you. I may be through Austin soon, so I will call.