Tuesday, December 16, 2008

dallas white rock...

we did it! after 3 months of training and about 180 miles of feet meeting the pavement, we were ready for race day. we were not ready for it to be like 70 degrees with 30 mph winds (which were against us the last part of the race). but we did it! we ran all 13.1 miles of the race and survived. rach finished in 2 hours and 8 minutes and i came across at 2 hours and 11 minutes. i had to stop for a few minutes and get my blood sugar back to normal. my diabetes decided to do what it wanted that day.here we are as we crossed the finish line. mom got this picture after waiting to see us for like 2 hours. dad and mom drove us there and parking and traffic was such a nightmare that Rachel and i actually had to jump out and walk to the starting line. we would not have made it in time if we stayed with them. always take the dart people.us with our medals. ya we may look a little gross, but we did just run 13.1 miles.

this is how we really felt. needless to say our bodies were a little fatigued. but i know i will do it again. i am thinking the rock n roll in nashville...with leslie. but probably not this year.


the peck family said...

SERIOUSLY! I'm completely there. So sorry for this go round... next time FOR SHO. I'm so proud of you... way to go Becca!!

The McClures said...

Woohoooo! Good job! Ummm... did you forget that someone else you know also lives in Nashville?!?! I see what you really think of me :)
I actually had just started to train for it one year, and then found out I was pregnant! I was secretly a little excited that I couldn't do it! :)