Thursday, November 10, 2011

chosen marathon, DJ style...

on october 29th, i completed a full marathon.  and by completed, i mean i was out there the entire time because i was DJ-ing it.  yup, DJ LaRae, was the main stage DJ for a marathon. i had never done anything like it, so i was nervous, but it was fun a blast.  i ran this 1/2 marathon last year and knew that the likelihood of me running it again was slim since october proves to be a crazy busy month, but i still wanted to be a part of it.  so in a crazy chain of connections, i volunteered to DJ.

why volunteer? the organizer of this race, jenni lord, has made it so that all of the runner's registration fees go to help support adoption funds and orphanages.  yes, all of it.  so the race is paid for by sponsors and donations. so donating my time and skills was the least i could do. it was a blast! and i hope to be a part of it next year.  if you are looking for a race to run and looking for a one that supports a good cause, i highly recommend this one. you can look at more information on the race here:

you can also see the beginning of the race in this video i found on facebook.  i am hiding at my DJ table behind the race organizer, so you can't really see me, but you can hear what song i used to kick off the race that is actually what i was most stressed about.


Ginger said...

Awesome! Loved the song pics. :)

Anonymous said...

so great that you did this!