Wednesday, January 30, 2008

friends are friends forever

This past week was full of visits from friends! Ginger flew in from Phoenix to spend a few short days with me. I had all these fun Austiny things planned, but it was cold and rainy the whole time and all of my ideas were outside. So we ate at a few fun restaurants and had some good quality talks. I only wish she could have stayed longer and that Phoenix was not so far away.

Then later that week I went to Dallas for a conference. I literally stayed in a hotel next door to my college roomie. It was so good to see her. We found out that our other college roommate was coming to Dallas for the weekend. She called Casey and asked her if they could have dinner together. Staci had no idea I was in town, so Casey agreed and I went with her to surprise Staci. I may have hidden in a trunk to scare her, but the night was great. We spent many hours at a classy restaurant catching up on life. It was so refreshing and good for my soul to talk to my dear friends! I miss them so much!

Staci came into town with some other good friends, Carrie, Kim and Stephanie (and Stephanie's unborn child). It was so good to see them. It was also hard because our time was so short.

When I returned home, my long time Pine Cove roommate came to Austin to recruit for Pine Cove. It was so great to see her and talk with her. I was like on cloud 9 on Sunday. It was so refreshing to run into so many of my dearest friends. These women have all walked with me at some point and it does my soul good to see them. There is something to be said for old friends coming to visit. I am blessed.

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Toodus said...

You made our blogroll today :). I labeled you Becca the Diabetic...