Friday, January 18, 2008

a photo recap of this fall...

Robyn and Adrianne surprised me one day by stopping through Austin on their way to San Antonio. It was so refreshing to see my friends!

These are my KidStuff Co-Workers. We went to the Alamo for a retreat. I love that place! We were promptly asked to leave after taking this picture. I thought, "Man, trouble follows me everywhere." Turns out it was closing time. Did you know the Alamo closes at 5:00pm? History never closes in my mind.

Jon came back from Iraq in September, which was a big surprise because we thought he wasn't going to be back until November. This is a pic of us when he cam to visit my parents in Dallas.

My friend Janelle and dressed as fake aggies for Halloween to make fun of several of our co-workers and aggies in general. Check out Reveille in the pic too.

I went back to Tyler in November to surprise some friends running their half marathon. This pic was taken as I sprinted passed them like a serious runner and then turned around and surprised them. They had no idea I was in town. Look at those faces!!

Here are some of my new Austin friends (well Courtney is an old friend).

I brought Thankmas to Austin and it was a hit! It was an awesome party. I had 30+ people packed into my apartment. I had a photo backdrop this year with a tripod setup. It was so fun!

The Greer twins came and saw me right before Christmas! It was sweet to see them again!

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