Tuesday, May 27, 2008

fun lately...

Went to my first Round Rock Express game with some new Austin Buds(wendy on my left, rachel on my right). It was no Ranger's game but it was still fun, they won, and they had fireworks after. Friends, baseball, hotdogs, and outside, what more could I ask for...We had a cookout and party one night in the park for our friend Janelle. Here I am being pious and teaching my friend Rachel how to pray. She has awesome facial expression.

Rachel is one of the friends I hang out with the most (aside from the fact that I make her serve in KidStuff all the time). I am blessed to have her as a friend for sure.

I made Whitney take this with me because I like her headband. and I like her.

i also just celebrated my first memorial day weekend in like 7 years. it is a great holiday that i had forgotten about. i have always been being trained or training our summer staff at pine cove. this year i got to relax at a lake house. still no 3 day weekend, don't think too crazy. i still got to work on sunday, but boy was it nice to have monday off!


Who's yo Mommy said...

hey friend! i can't believe you're at the stone! I hope it's all going well!

Anonymous said...

nice blog becca!