Friday, June 13, 2008

summer nights...

i love summer nights. i have forgotten how relaxing they are, since i have not had many free summer nights the last 7 years, i am soaking these up. tonight as i drove home i opened my sunroof, rolled down my windows, and sang at the top of my lungs. it was so freeing, not to mention it made my hair look awesome. i just wanted to stay outside. i have had to read lots lately and my favorite new reading spot is my balcony. i just sit out there with a glass of tea and my fan and i could read for hours. there is an annoying bug that sounds like a locust, but i have become used to its noise. softball is also another one of my fun ventures outside these summer nights. we are not good, but vance refrigeration will rise to the top.

this week has been a crazy one as we prepare for vbs. next week is my first vbs with the stone and i am eagerly anticipating it!! i can't wait to get it started. hopefully i will have some pics and lots to blog about after this week.

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