Friday, June 20, 2008


this week was vbs. it was awesome!! i loved it for so many reasons.

1) it reminded me of being at camp. we had about 260+ kids each day. i taught them some stand by cheers like "okay" and "announcements." We of course did the cheer flea and i taught them the soldiers dance from pine cove. it was really fun. Tyson (our minister to students) and i got to kind of play up our competition for the funniest. we had fun!!

2) i got to know so many more kids and families in the church. they also got to see me interact with the kids. i have never had so many preschool kids just come up and hug my legs. i left with many more friends and connections this week. it definitely felt good to know more of the people in our church, more of my church family.

3) it was so encouraging to watch the Lord bring people out of the wood work to serve. and they rocked it!! it was also cool to watch people step and lead, even though it may not have been comfortable.

4) i got to see and hear kids talk about serving others around them. lights were beginning to come on in many of these kids heads about who Jesus is.

5) i was referred to as the movie theater lady by a little girl.

bradley wrote some hilarious skits and we had a great crew to perform them. here is a video excerpt from the week. i may post some pics to follow if i feel adventurous.

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