Saturday, January 10, 2009

dominican republic trip...

i just got back from a trip to the dominican republic. john and i tagged along on with a college trip from our church so that we might scout out and brainstorm ideas for the family trip we will be leading this coming july. we partnered with makarios and will partner with them in july as well. i was excited about seeing and learning more of what makarios does and how our families could be involved and i was excited to see my friend ashley, but other than that, i really did not have many expectations. and of course i was blown away.

first, i loved the team of college students. we had a blast doing manual labor and getting to know each others stories. we sang random songs all the time as we tilled the earth with machetes and pick axes. we laughed all the time. we got to watch the texas game, which went until like 1:00am DR time, at a sports bar and we even did a little karaoke. i had a blast!

second, and a little more selfish, i needed to get away. i have had a lot on my mind and been pretty bogged down. it was a great escape. i had lots of thinking time as i picked axed for hours each day. my time and conversation with the Lord during that manual labor was actually SO good for my soul and very healing.

third, and probably my favorite highlight, was getting to know and spend time with the makarios staff. i got to catch up with ashley, which was great and i got to spend some time with sharla too. I absolutely loved getting to know anne and garrett boon as well as robin inks and cara and kindall and katy too. i have some new friends with kindred spirits and it makes me VERY excited to return in july. i miss them already.

it was great to see all of the kids and just get a chance to love on them and play with them. it was also great doing the manual labor knowing that we really are breaking ground for things that will impact kids lives for eternity. makarios is a great organization and if you are looking for something to get behind. i would highly recommend it. i didn't take many pictures, i was a little busy with a pick axe, but i know a lot of the other team members did so maybe i will get some up soon.
playing with the kids at the park for "cara time."

the whole gang plus garrett, anne and ashley.

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Dara Steward said...

I'm so glad your trip was so great. However those refreshing retreats for the soul come, always they are welcome. ;o) We LOVED the Christmas card this year by the way!