Thursday, January 22, 2009

i love rudy's...

rudy's is my favorite place to get bbq in austin. i am not arguing that it is the best. i hear that lockhart has some great bbq and i love the salt lick. but if i am looking for some great bbq that is quick and easy, rudy's is my go to. i could eat it all the time. i have yet to tire of it. and for a awhile i was eating it once a week, at least. maybe it is the delicious sauce (not sweet but spicey). perhaps it is that any meat i get there is good. brisket is my go to, but i love me some turkey and sausage too. maybe it is the environment, love the patio and picnic tables and even the country music that plays. and who can forget the AWESOME hand washer! i am sure to use it each time i go and sometimes multiple times. i also like that i can get a cold ibc there if i want, or some good pudding. and who doesn't love white bread. oh and have you ever had their breakfast tacos!! (thank you for reminding me whitney) oh my goodness, so good! they put their link sausage in there, oh so good! and if you ever have a large order to go (of anything), you pick it up outside in this little tent and you get a free drink from the cooler. i love this place.
my only complaint against rudy's is that they do not have fried okra. i love me some fried okra with my bbq, but the potato salad holds me over.

so if you have never experienced the greatness that is rudy's, you must! they are not just in austin. they are all over texas!


wfinke said...

I LOVE Rudy's too! When they opened one down the street from us in Norman I was thrilled. Now how to get them up here in Chicago... Have you tried their breakfast burritos? They're amazing!

ASuh said...

Ha! I read this and then couldn't get Rudy's out of my mind . . . so I asked Halim to take me and Malachi there for dinner. :) It was just what I needed - thanks for the dinner suggestion!