Friday, May 8, 2009

children desiring god conference...

last week john and erin and i went to children desiring god in minneapolis, minnesota. here are some quotes from the conference, we learned much more than this, but here are the highlights. we all live blogged on a twitter. you can follow me on twitter i also included a little surprise for you at the end. our rental car was pretty sweet!!

john piper: the cross was simultaneously self-sacrificing and self-exhalting. the cross is god-centered not man-centered. 2 cor 5:15

piper: most people have trouble with a god-centered god because they grew up with a self-esteem based children's ministry.

david paul tripp: what kind of messiah do you want? one that gives you what you want or one that saves and redeems you?

tripp: there will be tough moments in life when you cry out for god's grace & you are already getting it. its the grace of refinement.

we've got to teach our kids they don't write their life story. their's is part of the great redemption story & they'll never hold the pen.

the amount of time you spend praying is a good indicator of how much you see your need for the lord.

a new idea that came out of the conference: a kidstuff series on the authority of the word. if they don't believe in its authority why study it, know it, or obey it.

don't be jealous of our grand marquis! we rode with class and we could have parked in the handicap spot without anyone thinking twice about it.

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