Tuesday, May 19, 2009


we have been studying about obedience with the kids this month. it actually has been pretty convicting for me. i may post some of my other observations on here too if i have time. but this week we are teaching the kids about genesis 3 and the fall. The first act of disobedience. Here is the email i sent my volunteers. it is what the lord taught me as i studied this familiar passage this week.

Bible Story: Adam and Eve disobey; Genesis 3:1-24

Bottom Line: It's right to listen to God because He is GOD.

There is a lot to glean from this familiar passage, but because you all do not want to read a book, I am only going to dwell on one that applies to this week’s lesson. The enemy told Adam and Eve the ultimate lie that we all still buy into, “You don’t have enough.” He made Eve discontent with all the trees that she was permitted to eat from and she was only focusing her desire on this one tree. And many times we can take a felt desire and some how make it into such a big deal, we then believe that we must have it! Oh how we can justify sin! This lie worked for her, because somewhere she quit trusting that God was enough and that He knew enough. There are many times that God tells us to do something and we can clearly see why. There are other times He tells us to do something and we cannot see why and we may never know why, but we are called to obey regardless. That is our bottom line, “Listen to God because he is God.” Each month we study a virtue that teaches us about the nature of God, every one of those virtues could be used to build a case as to why we can trust God. He is good and we can list off a million reasons why, yet our sinful nature still wants to be in charge. We like the control so we think we know best. Or we still think that we do not have enough, so we deserve something else (like more knowledge). Did Adam and Eve gain what was promised by the serpent? They sure did, only they didn’t need it. Their lives were much better before. So much for thinking that control and getting more of what you want leads to a better life. What a convicting lesson!

Take time and pray and confess. What areas of your life are you seeking to be in control or what areas are you seemingly in control of? (hint hint: they usually are the areas of your life that produce the most anxiety and entitlement in your life) Take time to confess that to the Lord. Confess that you are prideful and trust yourself and creation to provide what you need, rather than the Creator. Confess that you are trying to control situations to get your desired outcome your selfish desires. Pray and confess your dependence on the Lord. Cry out to Him that you need him to function, even though you consistently try and do it alone.

Pray for your kids. Pray that they too will see where they try and be in control or where they think they need more and do not have enough, even though the Creator of the universe is faithful and provides all we need! What if they learn at this young age to quit buying into that lie and to trust that the Lord is enough????

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