Monday, December 21, 2009

photos of late...

here are some pictures from this fall that i just have not taken the time to post. they start back in october with keri and eric's wedding in kerrville, where our motto for the weekend was "what happens in kerrville stays in kerrville." that is why only some of the stories will be told.

this one is of my dear friend adrianne and i. i love and admire this woman! 

"ah ha, hush that fuss, everybody move to the back of the bus."

this is all of us with keri at the saloon in the YO ranch.  we just kept the party going.

this young man was my dance partner at the saloon. one of the many dares that night that i could not pass up. he was delighted!

here we are with the BEAUTIFUL bride!

all the single ladies...

on the way back after the wedding, crammed into the excursion limo. chris is not pictured here because the old ladies were busy flirting with him.

now, fast forward about 5 weeks to november 21 for a friend's awesome 30th birthday party! here are the roomies and i.

then of course, the necessary look awesome portrait.

and then on the dance floor.

then fast forward a few more weeks to my traditional thankmas party.  these are just a few pics from our photo station.and yes, i was a reindeer.


this was the most creative costume by far, a black friday shopping mom.  unbelievable marie!


Stevox said...

Did you just make eyes at that waiter?

becca harris said...

soup's on the way...