Friday, February 26, 2010


i just finished reading this book this weekend. i highly recommend it for anyone, no matter your marital status or sexual history. it is so good! i picked it up because i heard many people talking about it and i really did not think a lot of it would apply to me since i am not married nor have i struggled with sexual sin (or so i thought). but boy did i learn alot!  this book does an excellent job of relating sexual sin to our sinful hearts.  he also talks about men and women's greatest fears and failures in this and roles we were designed to have in sex.  he clearly relates sex to spirituality, something most people do not explain.  sex and hte misunderstanding and misuse of it causes every human being some grief on some level.  this book helps you see the healthy way god created sex and discern that from the selfish way the world portrays sex. i will save the details for you to learn as you read, but trust me it is a must read!

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