Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gifts of Christmas...

I was challenged a few weeks ago to think through what I have been given because of Christmas. The following was a list I kept on my iPhone as I thought about these things. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any to add.

Because Jesus came and was born the following are my true Christmas gifts. Because God is with me this is what is mine:

• I am loved more than I can imagine.
• I am saved from sin that has overcome me.
• I am free to love because I am loved more than I can imagine.
• I am free to be vulnerable because Christ became vulnerable. I can take some blows in order to restore relationships and share the gospel.
• I can love those who I typically despise (even if I won't admit it) because the gospel is for all and came to the despised and downcast of society.
• I can fight for justice and pray for his kingdom to come hear and now because I know it will. I can't lose hope.
• I have the responsibility to continue spreading the good news that all may know.
• I can trust that the fulfillment of god's promises are going to happen just as the fulfillment of his promises happened with the Messiah.
• I can take god at his word without fear even when things seem impossible (virgin birth).
• I can have no fear because god came to be with us.
• I know that Christ will return so I am free to serve him. Knowing where the victory lies.
• I can suffer well because Immanuel was a man of sorrows and can empathize with me.
• I can give up my freedoms and rights in order love and serve the orphan.
• I am free to go to the nations because He came to me.
• I can be wronged and just absorb it because as a man Jesus set that example for me.
• I can endure suffering and hardship because I have been reconciled to god through Christ and can have peace on earth.
• I can quit trying to improve and prove my moral value because when Jesus was born my soul felt its worth.
• I don't have to fear even the hardest circumstances because God came to be with us - emmanuel.
• I can let go of what I have always wanted and receive all I have ever needed - even though they look very different!

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