Wednesday, December 29, 2010

adoption process update...

so, i have not talked about it on here in awhile, but i thought i'd give you an adoption process update.  here are the highlights.
  • on january 10th, i will begin taking my foster to adopt classes with caring family network (CFN). the classes will take 5 weeks.
  • i am almost out of debt. i will be 100% done with my ridiculous credit card debt on january 11th (or before if i make the payment before the due date out of excitement)
  • i am going through "created to connect" (curriculum by michael and amy monroe based on karyn purvis' book the connected child) with a group of friends here in austin that have all adopted or are going to adopt.
  • i won't be able to complete my homestudy until i move out of the engstroms house and into my own place. so at some point this spring (i am thinking late march) i will move out of their house and into a place of my own. i will have to find a place and for the first time ever i have to take schools into account.
  • i am still driving borrowed cars,  but this year i will have to purchase a reliable 4-door car.  i am not sure exactly how this will go down.  i could afford a car payment, but would prefer not to have one, so i am still praying an thinking how that will go down.  but the lord has not failed to provide yet, so i am confident he will when the time comes.
so as you can see, this year is going to be one of a lot of change. i am curious to see what i will be writing about this time next year. thanks for your prayers and support.


Amanda Isaacs said...

Thank you so much for the update Becca! I love you and I'm praying with you! I'm so excited about what you're doing and the huge impact you're having!

Meredith - proud mom of THREE! said...

This is awesome. Can't wait to read the rest of your story!!! Praying!

Ginger said...