Sunday, April 10, 2011

month update...

my apologies for being absent for almost a month. my life has been a little busier than i anticipated. i have much i want to blog about. we will see what i end up writing about, but i can assure you it won't be in chronological order. until i am able to compose some posts, here is a glimpse of what has happened since my last post.
  • i was given a car (i will blog more about this later for sure)
  • i got ringworm some how and it is still plaguing me
  • i was asked to give a deposition and was given a subpoena (and i kind of freaked out)
  • i got the situation cleared up that i was not the rebecca harris they were looking for and the subpoena was a mistake - phew!
  • i bought a lawnmower while in a dress
  • i finally met some of my neighbors
  • i make a vitamix smoothie at least once a day
  • i got tested for TB, it came back negative
  • i installed a washer and dryer (including changing out the 4 prong plug to a 3 prong - i was pretty proud of myself)
  • i got lost in ikea and was forced to stop for a snack of swedish meatballs
  • oh and i finished my homestudy paper work. no big deal.
all of this fun stuff in addition to still getting moved and settled in (i still have a ways to go) and planning the biggest, coolest kidstuff ever for easter at the frank erwin center. needless to say i have been a tad bit busy, so i hope to be back on the blog train soon. i mean i have loads to write about...

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Spinney said...

Oh, how I love hearing about your life.