Tuesday, June 14, 2011

latest adoption update...

i am getting so much closer to getting my foster license.  i only have my health inspection, fire inspections, TB test and evacuation plan left to do!  i cannot believe it.  my goal is to be licensed by august and i think that i am going to reach it, maybe even before. 

about 2 weeks ago i had the actual interview part of my homestudy. someone from my agency came out and did a walk through of my home and then sat down and asked me about all of the paperwork that i had previously filled out - clarifying what i said. this really was not as scary as i thought. i just felt a peace about it.

i have not received the bunk beds that i ordered yet, apparently they are on back order still.  i know how to choose the popular ones.  i bought a fire extinguisher and have covered every outlet with safety plugs.  i bought a key lock handle to put on one of my closets to lock up my medicines and cleaners, but still need to install it.  anyone want to help?  i also need a locking cabinet for the garage, so i can lock up my gasoline, wasp spray, ant killer and WD-40.  so much to do, but i really am so close!

thanks for your prayers and for your support! hopefully in about 2 months, my license will go active!

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Ginger said...

So excited for you!