Saturday, June 11, 2011

a new car...

before you read on, imagine that title being said bob barker style.  :) a few months ago i was given a new car.  well new to me.  as you may remember my car, lafonda the honda, died in my friend angela's driveway right before the 4th of july last year and god called me to trust that he would provide.  i think in the span from july until march, i was without a vehicle to drive for only about two weeks.  and during that time, i was able to catch rides from my roommates and friends.  i drove rav 4, a honda fit, a nissan xtera, and a honda accord much like my dear lafonda, but 4 door.  the couple who was letting me drive the honda accord took me to dinner one night at chick-fil-a and they totally surprised me with this box.

inside the box was the title and the paperwork to transfer the title into my name. i was in shock!  i could not believe it. so this beauty is mine!

back in july, god told me to trust him, to trust that he would provide a car for me.  i prayed for this. literally, while i was going through the book "a praying life" with some other women we all chose one big prayer request, and mine for a car. and now 9 months later, i have a car that runs well and with no payment!

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