Thursday, October 27, 2011

foster license [update]...

i realize that i left the last foster blog in a cliff hanger.  just to update you all.  that one fell through. so i am open for new referrals. just waiting and trusting.

the number one question i keep getting asked is "how are you feeling?" i am feeling okay.  this is an emotional rollercoaster for sure and it is hard.  i knew it would be hard once i had a child in my home, but i did not expect this part of the process to be hard.  ignorance i guess. it is heart-wrenching to hear about the difficult situations that these kids are in and of course i want to help and save them from it.  but with each case i am forced to trust the sovereignty of god even more.  he is in control of all things and he knows the best way to care for each of these children. as much as i want to help,  have to remember that i am not the rescuer, He is.  and i have to trust his plan.

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