Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving...

started the weekend off right. met kirsten in hillsboro (on my way to dallas and she was on her way to austin). we had a 2 hour catch up lunch. love this girl!thanksgiving day i got up and ran the traditional turkey trot in dallas. adrianne and robyn couldn't make it this year, but adam joined me and helped me set a faster pace! i finished the race this year faster than i ever have before. however since mom was not there, we took fewer pictures. mom woke up sick on thanksgiving day. sad day.
here i am, about to cross the finish line. 8 miles down, 2 pieces of pumpkin pie to go! i was a bit irritated with all the people who only ran 3 miles and took cases of gatorade. there was none left when i crossed. i almost just took a case from lady in my rage, but i decided against it.
after the trot, i came home and began the football watching. from noon on i watched football. helped mom cook. watched football. ate dinner. watched football. ate pumpkin pie. watched football. then slept. it was a great day!

oh and jon called while we were at the race. mom got to talk to him, but dad and i missed our chance. mom said he sounded okay. probably a little bummed to be in iraq on a holiday.

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Meaghan said...

i'm so jealous that you not only get to hang out with my bff's jeremy and 'cole, but now kirsten!!!! it's too much