Saturday, November 29, 2008

singing down memory lane...

as i was driving home in that awesome I-35 traffic , i got to listen to lots of music on my ipod. there are certain songs that always remind me of certain people and certain events in my life. literally every time i hear these songs, these things come into my mind and so yesterday i was literally taking a trip down memory lane. some of you have probably heard these stories multiple times as i have a chronic story retelling problem. hopefully you will enjoy this...

man in the mirror by michael jackson always makes me think of mark garcia. we were driving back late from a recruiting trail one night and practically falling asleep when this song came on my ipod and mark came alive like i have never seen before. we sang louder and did more motions to the song than i thought possible at that hour of the night. love it mark!

american woman by lenny kravitz makes me think of my dear friend ginger morby. i am not sure how it came about, but it is basically the song that plays in my head for her.

ho by ludacris makes me think of maziel dani. i am pretty sure we used to listen to this driving around campus all the time. we both know all of the words, or at least we used to. raising a glass of sunny d to you maz!

wanna be by spice girls reminds me of fabs harford. fabs was paid to make appearances at different high schools as one of the spice girls. she still knows every word and motion to the song. too bad she won't speak with that british accent around us!

country grammar by nelly will forever make me think of stacy mcclure and danielle smith. i have vivid memories of them singing this our sophmore year of college in a style that only they can pull off. i can still hear it! love you girls.

gangsta's paradise by coolio screams kimberly ginnings to me. i believe this is her all time favorite song. we listened to this so many times in her car on the way to sonic. thanks for reviving an awesome song for me kimberly!

you give love a bad name by bon jovi makes me picture robby mayne with a tie tied around his head on the dance floor! i can't tell you how many weddings i have been at where i have seen him killing it on the dance floor to this song. keep it up robby!

all i want for christmas by mariah carey always makes me think of all my college buds. we sang and danced to this song all the time and we were usually up to some kind of mischief when were were doing it. we made priceless memories that only cost us some donuts. oh and kenan, have you ever done your dance for jerry to this song?

more than you'll ever know by watermark brings to mind meagan munday. this was our song when we were roommates my sophomore year because of her broken collar bone. a blessing in disguise.

lose yourself by eminem and awnaw by nappy roots makes me think of butta, our college flag football team. these songs were played A LOT when we won the regional championship and competed in the national tourney as well.

beast by tech N9NE makes me think of bobby austin because he is a beast...or because we listened to it to get pumped on the way to our softball games. this song makes you feel like you should hit a homerun. a lot of rap songs make me think of bobby. he is such a thug.

by rascal flatts will always remind me of mindy goff. her maiden name is mayberry and we used to sing this song to her all the time, especially when she made great flag football plays! i do miss mayberry!

thank you traffic on I-35 for allowing me to sing down memory lane.


danielle said...

what a great blog becca! what fabulous memories we have! love you friend!

Ginger said...

I don't need your war machines
I don't need your ghetto scenes - I know. I know. :)