Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we pulled it off...

Ginger , Bobby and Robby came to Austin this weekend for a reunion. Needless to say it was awesome! I laughed harder than I have in months. Ginger flew in Friday and we got to catch up before the boys got here. Once the boys got here and checked in to their scary hotel, they came over and we ate chili and then went to see Master Pancake Theater's Forrest Gump.
the vienna sausage stand down on 6th street. i'm so tall.
eating at kerbey lane, an austin staple. this couple showed up with their parrot. that's right, they showed up to a restaurant with a parrot. only in austin.
then we went shopping at the round rock outlets and then yes, we played laser tag. we totally dominated those middle school kids.
after laser tag we went to the salt lick, an awesome bbq place outside of town.
me and robby. waiting outside for our table.
me and the fellas.
the guys recently got iphones and this was a common scene all weekend.
finally a picture with all 4 of us!
after the salt lick we came back to my place, got some amy's ice cream and played 2 rivoting games of clue, which bobby barely won. then on sunday they all came to church with me and we finished out the weekend at shady grove. ginger got to stick around until monday before she left for phoenix. i love these guys and it was so fun to be with them this weekend. we pulled it off in '08!


Ginger said...

Liznove you friend! Thanks again for hosting.

Meaghan said...

so jealous! that looks like fun! ya'll are such cute little couples...wait, who's with who? (spreadin' rumors)

elizabeth said...

They are *so* cool with their iPhones. Looks like a fun weekend!