Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another cool kidstuff moment...

I got an email from my friend Cara today about some kids that she brings to church each week. Cara is a partner at our church who works for the Texas Baptist Children’s home. She works with some kids, who are not in the home, but who live in government subsidized housing. She does an after school program with them and about 2 years ago started bringing them to church. We have seen a huge difference in so many of the kids. (see other blog posts) None of these kids come from a home that loves Jesus, but his capturing their hearts and they are being transformed. Here is an excerpt from Cara about the kids:

"when I have the kids in the van we listen to KLove and any time “Mighty to Save” or “God of this City” comes on they want me to turn it up really loud and they know all the words! I cannot even begin to express the joy I feel every time I hear these kids sing things like “Savior, He can move the mountains. Our God is Mighty to save…”."

We sing these songs in KidStuff all the time and we spend time explaining them to the kids. it is so cool to see some fruit!

here is another excerpt about one of the kids cara brings, this one was an email to cara from this kid's small group leader at church.

"The last few months I have literally seen a night and day difference in Brandon's behavior in kidstuff (as compared to last fall). He's polite, raises his hand to talk or ask a question, does what we ask of him (usually the first time!), and has actually been participating in group discussions. He seems to feel a lot more comfortable around the other boys in the class.

This month we studied what it means to be steadfast, and how we ought to stand up for what it right. Today, for instance, we talked about Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian church. I'm not sure what question provoked this answer, but Brandon raised his hand and said "When I move to my dad's in Houston, there are people there that haven't even heard of God. I could tell them about Him". My jaw practically dropped to the floor, I was amazed to say the least. God is clearly at work in Brandon's heart, and I know I speak for the other kidstuff leaders when I say that we are all so excited for the work God is doing in his life!"

our god is mighty to save! and he is changing this next generation! what if they get it now, rather than later. what if they begin changing their world now, rather than when they are in college. i can't wait to see what the lord does!!

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