Thursday, May 6, 2010

franklin bbq...

yet another trailer success!  franklin barbeque is in a trailer just south of 38 1/2 street, on the I-35 frontage road, and it is probably the best brisket i have had in austin!! no lie, i really wanted to just keep eating, but glutton is a sin people!  the owner must be a believer because i am sure we are going to have that in heaven! the brisket was that good! we also had some pulled pork, also very tasty!  i did not try it personally, but i heard the ribs were not that great.  there are four different sauces to choose from, but i just taste tested them because the meat needed no sauce!  seriously!

we got there right at 11:00am when it opened and there was already a line.  be ready to wait a bit, it is not a quick place to eat. but hey, it is worth it!  there are lots of picnic tables with umbrellas for shade.  and i heard the owner say he was going to buy outdoor fans today.  so if you want some delicious brisket in austin, try out franklin barbecue!  the trailers win again!

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