Sunday, July 11, 2010

finally alive...

i just finished this book last weekend. it was one of piper's easier reads. i am not sure if i am just getting smarter or if someone told piper he needed to take it down a notch so that us non-theologians could get through a book of his and understand it.  either way, i recommend this!

piper does a great job explaining what it means to be born again, a term we often ignore, because if we were honest, our understanding of it is not better than nicodemas'. 

here are a few things that i really enjoyed from the book.  i really liked (and needed) the reminder that being born again is something that god does.  he initiates it.  i cannot.  i know that, but my little heart keeps trying to prove that i can. i loved his explanation of 1 john.  so many reassurances of salvation!  i was challenged by his explanations of the implications of being born again.  what does that mean for me?  it was a great read. 

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ASuh said...

I agree! This is a great book and definitely easier than his others. (I think he dumbed it down for us - although I'm sure that you are also getting smarter) :)