Saturday, July 10, 2010

blue star cafeteria...

the blue star cafeteria is one of my favorite spots to eat in austin! when i first heard about this place, i was envisioning an austin version of luby's.  when a friend suggested it, i was thinking, "a cafetreia, really?" but i was so wrong!  i almost wish they would change their name to the blue star cafe or something.  contrary to what the name may lead you to believe, this is a great place!  they have really good food and it is a really trendy setup.

my personal favorite is their grilled cheese sandwich.  i know, a grilled cheese?  you can make that at home.  you think i like it because i work with kids.  false. i am telling you, this is the best grilled cheese i have ever had.  and it comes with this delicious chutney!  hmmm.  oh and the grilled cheese is on the happy hour menu for half off. 

if you are looking for a healthier option, they also have some great salads.  try it out!  you won't regret it!  i stole these pics from their website, but i thought you needed to see this place.


Marisa said...

Hi Becca, Danielle Smith introduced me to your blog! I'm in Austin as well and agree that Blue Star is fab! Glad to find your blog!

Take care,

becca harris said...

Marisa, how do you know Danielle? How long have you lived here?

erin said...

Yes, Blue Star is great!! My hub and I just had a date there last week. I have had dreams about that grilled cheese and chutney!!

(P.S. Mandi Johns makes something really similar that is da bomb!)