Sunday, July 25, 2010

padre vacay 2010...

this is only like 2 months overdue, but i went on vacation at the end of may and it was just what i needed! the beach + good friends + nothing to be leading or be in charge of = rest. vacation becca came out, though it took me about 3 days to unwind, i finally did and it was just what i needed. i read, slept, prayed, played games, napped, ate, played, talked with good friends and got to do most of this in the sun! there are not very many pictures because, well i was just too busy enjoying my vacay to take pictures of it.

i have been blessed to find some great vacation buddies in some of my closest friends here. those cute kiddos you see in the pictures belong to my friends chris and adrianne. this is our second year to vacation together and each year only gets more fun! my friends lindsay, meghan, and laura also were there. needless to say it was the dream team.

some highlights for me include: (in no particular order)
1. threatening to push the boys in the water for the entire trip! it still continues...
2. watching reece renact me pushing him in the water.
3. reading a little bonhoeffer. i can't wait to meet this man in heaven.
4. building a legit sandcastle
5. flying the liz.
6. playing (and winning) monoply.
7. a girls trip to DQ.
8. a walk on the beach with meghan.
9. playing in the waves.
10. having no schedule and my phone off.
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