Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011's theme...

sometime after i came on staff here, i started off each year by picking a theme. this is different from my birthday themes which are fun.  the yearly themes are a bit more serious.  i try to take look at the year ahead and take a guess at what obstacles i will face and come up with a theme and try to make it rhyme if possible - just to put a little fun in there.  here are themes from year's past:

'08 humiliate - i think this theme affected many people :)
'09 hope refines
2010 restored again

for this year, the rhyming part was difficult, not much rhymes with 11 other than seven, heaven and leven and we all know how 27 year of bread unleavened worked out for me - fail. so here is the theme for this year, "2011 - a long hard road with a good good end."  i know this year is going to be filled with transitions and change that i am excited about but that are going to be hard.  so much unknown, so many things that could be so tough, but i know the lord will provide and that he has called me to this, so there will be a good good end!  and though i have deemed this my 2011 theme, i am well aware that this year is just the start of this road, the good good end will be for another year...

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