Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my hope is built...

my hope is built on nothing less than...
being well liked,
getting enough sleep,
getting married,
having a baby,
having a diet coke... and the list goes on.

you see i know that the line of that hymn is "my hope is built on nothing less than jesus blood and righteousness..." but my heart often trusts those other frames rather than leaning on jesus' name. 

there are lots of things that i hope for and i look for those things not from jesus, but from all things around me. if i was married, then..., if i had more money, then..., if i am accepted/loved by this person, then...

my heart clearly does not believe or see that jesus blood and righteousness has given me all that i need.  not just for heaven, but for now.  my hope for security is built on his promise to never leave or forsake me, to provide all that i need.  my hope for acceptance is built on his sacrifice on the cross - all of my sins and flaws are covered in grace because of his death and resurrection. i don't have to worry about others affirming me or accepting me, because all of my fears of being unloved or unacceptable are put to rest in jesus's love and pursuit of me.  my hope to be able to make ends meet is built on the promise that he who did not spare his own son will with him graciously give us all things. 

what are you hoping for?  where are looking to find that? trust me, it is found in jesus.

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Stephen Baird said...

well said!
nikonsniper steve