Friday, September 2, 2011


i love music. in fact i had to create a line in my budget for the amount of money that i spend on music.  i try to use applications such a pandora and grooveshark to help satisfy my love for music for free.  well there is a new app that has replaced both.  it is called spotify.  you can listen to ANY music (of just about any music) all the time for FREE on your laptop.  i mean you can use to play anything.  just wednesday i used to create a playlist for a game we were playing in staff meeting.  if you use the free version (which i am) you can play any music on your laptop as long as you are connected to the internet. you can create playlists, share playlists, subscribe to playlists, etc.  there are adds that play in the free version, but i don't mind them.  if you pay $4.99/month you can get rid of the adds, but that is not worth it to me yet.  if you pay $9.99/month you can get offline access and download music to your iphone, ipad, ipod, or other portable music player.  i love this.  i use it to listen to music all the time.  i also love that i can listen to a new album in its entirety and decide if i want to add it to my DJ repertoire. i am also excited about having this at my disposal when i am DJing an event. check out more info below or go here to sign up.

Spotify is Here! from Spotify on Vimeo.

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