Friday, March 13, 2009

buds weekend in the atx...

two weekends ago, some of my college buds came to austin to visit. staci flew in from okc. ashley flew in from tulsa. becki and her fetus flew in from nashville. and casey drove on down from the big d. it was awesome! rather than writing a forever long post (like i have before) i am just going to hit the highlights and post a few pics. here are some of my favorite moments.

1. casey's massage story.
2. the cookie lounge + yahtzee. oh and i won, btw.
3. rock band for hours and hours.
4. becki having a contraction from playing the drums during rock band.
5. staci's huge bowl of soup from vivo.
6. the sr pic photo shoot at the arboretum.
7. getting to go to church and worship with people i love so much.
8. string cheese. sunkist. girl scout cookies. and honey mustard pringles. sounds gross, but don't judge.
9. endless hours of laughter.
10. the cupcakes from becki's shower.
11. our walmart hoodies.
12. 5 friends sleeping in one room.
13. naming becki's fetus teri. thank you bass.

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