Thursday, March 5, 2009

what are you doing right now???

this is the question that haunts me each time i get on facebook. i feel like i should put something there, but i don't feel the need to let the world know all that is going on in my life. but i recently have come up with a solution to this. if you know me, you know there are ALWAYS songs stuck in my head. i am always singing. i love music. it sticks in my head and if you want to know the real truth i sometimes, no always, i picture my life to a soundtrack of all genres. i am always looking for ways to share this musical joy with the world around me. this combined with my confusion as to what i should put on my facebook status has led me to this idea. each day i get into my car, put my ipod to a certain fun playlist, and hit play. whatever song comes up becomes my facebook status for that day. i started this on monday with beat it. so check out my facebook page to share in my musical happiness. you can go ahead and picture me singing the song too, because it is likely that i am.

and to add to this status craze. i have joined twitter. i am also not sure what to put there. i really just joined because i like to see what others have put. but i can't just be a twitter mooch. i need to contribute. so each day i draw a new slang flashcard and type the definition in as my twitter status. i hope to increase the world's vocabulary.

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