Tuesday, March 24, 2009


south by southwest (sxsw) is a HUGE film and music festival here in austin. i didn't catch any of the film part this year (hard to beat last year's movie with casey and staci). but my roomies and i caught lots of music. i spent all friday afternoon at progress coffee hearing some up and coming artists from denton. my two favorites were sara jaffe (sounds similar to regina spektor) and j. tillman from fleet foxes. you can find both of their stuff on itunes.

saturday, we hit up lecrae in the afternoon. thank you for finding this michael fermier. michael also brought our friend luke that we worked with at pine cove. it was great to see him too! then we grabbed some quick dinner at east side pies. pies as in pizza (some where confused on this). and garlic salt on the table in what appears to be a parmesan cheese container is a cruel joke.

then we headed over to auditorium shores to see erykah badu and explosions in the sky. i was most excited about this because it was an outdoor concert and the weather was perfect! however, erykah was over an hour late and only sang 2 songs and the sound system was not right or something for explosions in the sky so it was hard to hear. on top of the fact that everyone around us was smoking something, weed or cigarettes or something. i mean who is still smoking in 2009? so after deciding we had inhaled enough second hand smoke, we jetted out early.

did i mention that all of this was free? ya that is why sxsw is awesome! here are some pics from the outdoor concert at auditorium shores.so many people!!
entertaining ourselves as we waited forever for erykah badueven old people can put their hands up...still waiting for erykah, notice it is dark now, so we decided to take a group pic. oh and yes that is jimmy mcneal. yes everyone knows him and yes he was on the news.


Meaghan said...

how fun is that! gave the stone a shout out on my blog today ;-)

julie said...

I am so jealous! I listen to your blog music alot!