Sunday, March 8, 2009

a man that fights...

i am a man who will fight for your honor
i'll be the hero you're dreaming of
we'll live forever
knowing together that we
did it all for the glory of love
by peter cetera

this song has been stuck in my head the last few days. i love it! i mean it is not the most biblical view of love, considering that we are fighting for the Lord's glory and not our own, but it is a much more positive view of relationships. there is hope. relationships and marriage are worth fighting for and working through. i think that brings some comfort knowing that both parties are willing to fight.

our church recently did a sermon series on marriage, sex, singleness and divorce. it was really good, but also very eye opening. our society sees relationships and marriage as something that will make them happy and that is it. if somewhere down the road, he or she does not make you happy, you end it and look for someone else. you have a right to. you deserve to be happy. i mean the bachelor this week was the PERFECT example of this. and it kills me that he didn't even want to try. he didn't want to fight. he just wanted someone to make him happy and well with the possibility that molly could make him happy, why even work through the hard stuff with melissa. just leave her and move on. you deserve it, jason. and i love that he said that he didn't lie to melissa. that he loved her and had strong fellings for her that day, but not now. i mean i think we can all empathize with that. some days we feel better and act better than others. however, the world tells us if you do not feel it, then it must not be right. wow!

the world has such a a flippant view of marriage and relationships and for sure not a biblical one. i can't expect non-believers to get it or to be held to this standard, but sadly i think many of us believers have bought into it. marriage is not supposed to be about us. (nothing is about us!!) it is a picture of the covenant Christ made with us and he NEVER leaves his bride, no matter how many times we play the whore, he remains faithful. no matter how many times we keep him at arms length or just don't feel it with him, he is there. he will never leave us nor forsake us. he does not feel one way one day and a different way the next. he fights for us and pursues us. marriage is not about completing ourselves but about being a picture of the covenant that God made with us. now i am sure that marriage has many benefits. i have seen many in the lives of those around me, but if we think that our spouse is to complete us and make us happy, well then sadly it will end. we are not and cannot fulfill that role. we will be just like jason, feeling love and warm fuzzies one day and nothing next and then we will wonder if there is someone else out there. but if we look to christ to be the one who completes us, then we will not look to others to do that and we can truly love each other, even during the hard times, rather than looking for a new person to fulfill us.


Toodus said...

These are great thoughts! I'm going to steal this as an illustration for Nearly/Newly :)

Lauren said...

i love it! thanks for your wise words!

Where the Redfearns Grow said...

Thanks, Becca

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I just wrote a post that's very simular in content but not nearly so eloquent! AGREE 100%

mgoff said...

I am calling you this week. I have been a terrible friend! Thanks for all the phone calls......hope you are doing well.