Sunday, November 22, 2009

[adoption] finances and picking an agency...

i have had many people ask me where am i in the adoption process and what am i still thinking.  well here is the latest update.  last week, i met with a couple from our church, some dear friends of mine, to look over my finances, get some advice and set some goals. as i said before, i still have about $8000 worth of dumb credit card debt to pay off and that is looking much more feasible than ever before.

i also went to an event where i had the opportunity to meet and talk with 5 different foster agencies.  i really like 2 of them (pathways and arrow). i am still praying about it, but i really felt a connection with the staff from pathways, so that might be the one i go with.  in general, i got a lot more information about where to start and how long classes are and such.  it was really great, but i initially walked away discouraged.  i realized that the paper work for my homestudy is going to take longer than i thought.  you see i was really hoping to be getting matched at this time next year, but i cannot start the homestudy paperwork until i have a place of my own (which i knew) and the homestudy paper work can take 60-90 days i was told (which i did not know).  if i was out of debt already, i could get my own place sooner and the start the homestudy sooner, but alas, it looks like it will be spring 2011 before i will begin the matching process.  i left, sad that it was going to take so long. the lord was quick to comfort me that this has been his story from the beginning and that is was his idea and that he is writing it on his timeline with his provisions.  i need to just seek him and trust.  in reality this longer period will allow me to be more prepared, but i don't like to wait.  2011 seems to far away. 

so please pray that the lord will continue to provide for me to get out of debt and that i will continue to trust him, rather than take matters into my own plans.  also, please pray for my kid out there somewhere.  pray that they already will begin to feel the love of the savior!

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