Saturday, March 20, 2010

forgotten god...

i recently finished listening and relistening to francis chan's book, forgotten god, on itunes audiobook. it is SOOO good. i am not great at writing these book reviews, but i highly recommend this book.  chan talks about the holy spirit residing in us.  our lives should look different.  god living in us!  we have THE HELPER, yet most of us do not live lives that need help so we never have to rely on him.  or we live lives that are anxiety and control ridden because we have forgotten that god lives in us.  he gives us the words to say, he provides, he teaches, he leads, he guides, he protects, he strengthens, etc etc. and most of us (me being at the very top of this list) rarely call on him.  only when the breakdown comes to we seek his help.  i am all too guilty of this.  that is why i continue to relisten to segments of this book.  i found myself asking the question, "why does my life look just like all the other moral and religious people out there? if i have god living in me, why doesn't my life look different?"

so this book has pushed me to try this out.  try trusting him in the moment. asking for help from him in the moment. i have had some victories and i have still given into my old habits, but i tell you what, those small victories have made me fall in love with and trust my savior more.  i long to live by faith, but i clearly live by strength and strategy.  faith trusts on the lord's strength and strategy, something my heart cannot seem to let go if. this book has also shown me how feeble my prayer life is, how little i commune with him and ask for help.  how often i think i can do eternal work with out the help of the eternal One.  and then i cave under the stress and pressure because i do not ask the Helper. i am fumbling around with this.

so anyway, i am sure many of you trust the lord more than i do, but this book has been so good for me! the audiobook is actually read by chan and is really easy to listen to.

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