Sunday, March 21, 2010

a visit to okc...

two weeks ago i took a short trip to oklahoma city and stayed with my friend staci.  it had been over a year and half since i had been back to the great state of oklahoma.  i got lots of quality time with staci, whitney, casey and mindy.  i also got to see dara and baby eli in the hospital!! what perfect timing.  one night i got a bunch of friends together for dinner at the wedge down in deep deuce and then ended the night at cuppies and joe [a cupcake and coffee place that my friends the def twins own].  i was too busy having fun to take pictures, but i did manage to take two.
eatin' at the wedge.

 obu reunion at cuppies and joe.

i think there is another pic of me, min, and dara in the hospital with eli floating around out there somewhere.  it was a great trip with great laughs and good talks!  i think my abs hurt from laughing so much.i  was sad that i did not get to see carrie and natalie while i was there. next time ladies!

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The Hagers said...

I'm telling you Becca, Oklahoma is calling you back!