Sunday, November 14, 2010

alamo drafthouse sing-alongs...

so one of my favorite things in austin is to go to sing-alongs at a local movie theater here in town, called the alamo drafthouse. the drafthouse has different sing-alongs all the time. 

"what goes on at these?" you ask. well  each one is themed (i.e. michael jackson, justin timberlake, ladies of the 80's, etc).  they play music videos that fit the theme and they have the words one the screen and everyone sings along. literally.  i have left these things hoarse!  they often have props that you get too (glowsticks or flashing rings) and other fun surprises. sometimes people dress up according to the theme, as you will see below and people dance in the aisles or on the stage and well it is just awesome!  if you are an out of town friend, i am going to for sure try to take you to one of these!
this month, i got to go to two of these.  for my friend, olivia's birthday, we went to a michael jackson sing-along and my friend sarah got us up into the balcony.  that is why we are sitting in awesome recliners!!  we had our own dance space and it was awesome!  we made olivia wear a sequin glove in honor of michael to this sing-along.

this was my third time to go to a michael jackson one (clearly i LOVE his music). so fun! i had forgotten that michael's music videos are like short films. i think that bad is like 15 minutes long.

just two weeks ago, i went to a beyonce and jay-z sing along. i think this was in honor of beyonce's announcement that she is pregnant.
 as you can see, we decided to dress up! and it was awesome.  there were about 12 of us that went together, which made it even more fun!  one of my favorite outfits, not pictured here, was a jean jumper. i am going to have to find one!  but for now,  my tiger sequin shirt and my pleather leggings aren't so bad.
me, sadie, natalie, and whitney

cassie! old roomie reunion. this girls LOVES some beyonce!
i love that kimberly lives here now! kindred spirits!

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