Thursday, November 18, 2010

come thou long expected jesus...

this is another book that i purchased in order to do research on advent.  it has 22 readings in it from authors such a martin luther, john calvin, jonathan edwards, and john piper. i have only read a few so far, but it has been good for my heart to stop and focus on what this season means.

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David said...

Here's another book recommendation for Advent information. It's called Treasuring Christ in our Traditions by Noel Piper (yes, the wife of John Piper).

I see that Desiring God Ministries has it available for free online at

One of the chapters is specifically focused on Christmas/advent traditions. The focus of the book is, as the title indicates, on traditions within the home during various seasons of the year.

Perhaps Jason Kovacs or his wife are familiar with it since they used to be involved at Piper's church in Minneapolis.

By the way, DGM (Desiring God Ministries) has some good resources on adoption as well. Here's a link: