Monday, November 8, 2010

juan in a million...

i love breakfast tacos! and that is the number one item on the menu at juan in a million.  i have no idea if the rest of their menu is good, but the don juan (el taco grande) is what you go for.  it is mound of eggs, cheese, bacon, and potatoes.  and it is awesome!  each don juan makes at least 3-4 normal breakfast tacos and it only costs around $4 depending on how many tortillas you get.  if you want to change up the don juan, you can have them make it however you would like, but i prefer the orginal!

juan in a million is located on east cesar chavez and is what you would describe as a hole in the wall.  but if you go on a saturday or sunday be prepared to wait.  this is place is good and everyone in town knows it!  i think it is worth the wait personally. 

if you order any drinks but tea and water, beware that they come in cans or bottles (no refills).

my friends staci and emily enjoying their special order don juans.
and juan (the owner) usually comes around to great and thank everyone in his restaurant.  which i think is awesome!

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