Sunday, November 21, 2010

walton's [sandra's deli]...

so sandra bullock lives here in austin (though i have yet to see her here).  it would be a dream of mine to run into her and have a long conversation about life.  i think we would hit it off and be great friends. but i digress.  

sandra (i will refer to as if we are already friends) owns two restaurants in town.  bess bistro (which i have heard is good, but i have yet to try) and walton's fancy and staple.  my friends and i ventured down to walton's a few weeks ago.  it is a cute little deli/shop down on west 6th street.  it was tasty, but the atmosphere is what makes the place. SO CUTE!  i felt like i was in a small town.  there are better sandwiches in town, but you should experience this place at least one and it is a fun place to take out of town people.  i will go back simply in hopes to see sandra!

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