Thursday, January 27, 2011

praying god's word...

i can't believe i have not blogged about this book before.  i was just telling a friend about it this week and realized that many people did not know about this gem.  it is a must have! i first went through this over ten years ago and it has been a continued resource for me ever since.

in this book, beth moore teaches the importance of using god's word when we pray. then each chapter is a different stronghold or struggle that is common in our lives.  she briefly describes each struggle in a page or two and then the rest of the chapter is filled with prayers that are straight from scripture that related to that struggle.  such a valuable resource! basically, beth has taken scripture that speaks directly to each struggle - helping you fight the lies and half truths that we all believe daily.  she fills the chapters with god's promises and his character in order that we might fight with hope. oh so good!

you don't necessarily have to read it chapter by chapter (though i recommend readding through it all at some point).  you can jump to whatever chapter you feel would encourage you the most.  there are chapters on overcoming anxiety, overcoming feelings of rejection, overcoming food-related strongholds, overcoming pride, etc.  my book is all kinds of marked with scriptures that i have prayed or that have helped me when i was struggling. i return to this book often, thankfully i have it in hardback so it can withstand all the use.

this is a resource that everyone should have in their home.

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emily said...

I LOVE this book. this book has been so powerful in my life!