Thursday, January 20, 2011

what i plan to read in 2011...

as you can see from my last post, i love to read, but my reading is not what you would call well rounded.  you will notice that i had absolutely no fiction on that list. i want to make some strides to be a little better this year. i want to read some good fiction (no twilight please) and a few biographies this year.  so i posted awhile back asking for your suggestions. i started putting together a list of what i wanted to read and what you guys recommended.  not all recommendations made the list, because you crazies recommended more fiction than this brain could handle in 12 months. so i tucked some of those suggestions away for 2012. i want to read and/or listen to a book a month (at least). i think i can do more, but we will see what happens.  here are my books in the order i think i will read them, but that is subject to change based on how i feel each month.
  1. death by love: letters from the cross by mark driscoll & gerry breshears
  2. the hole in our gospel by richard stearns
  3. uncle tom's cabin by harriet beecher stowe
  4. the connected child by dr. karyn purvis (i have already started this book twice)
  5. the boy who was raised as a dog by bruce perry
  6. total church by tim chester (this is subject to move up due to peer pressure from todd engstrom)
  7. ministries of mercy by tim keller
  8. the out of sync child: recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorders by carol kranowitz
  9. mark of the lion: a voice in the wind by francine rivers
  10. the hiding place by corrie ten boom
  11. bonhoeffer: pastor, martyr, prophet by eric metaxas
  12. mark of the lion: an echo in the darkness by francine rivers
  13. a servere mercy by shelden vanauken
  14. pilgrim's progress by john bunyan
  15. adopting the hurt child by gregory keck
  16. mark of the lion: as sure as the dawn by francine rivers
  17. water for elephants by sara gruen
  18. the help by kathryn stockett
we will see how my year goes. i am sure that some of these books won't actually get read, but here is to trying.  maybe i should get a kindle...


Amanda N said...

i have the mark of the lion series, the hiding place, & the connected child on my list too. i'm not much for fiction either. i like the idea of pilgrim's progress. may have to add that one!

Toodus said...

You would know what to read if you read Total Church.

Toodus said...

You would know what to read if you read Total Church.

Kuhl Family said...

Let me warn you - once you start the Mark of the Lion series, you won't want other books in between. :) I will say, while it's the best series of books I've ever read, it did take about 60 pages to really get into the first one. Enjoy - I'll be anxious to hear what you think of them. Maybe you'll inspire me to read more non-fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca - Are you on You can keep track of everything that you have posted in these last two blogs there. Look for me and Halle to be your friends :-) Also, if you wanted to ease into Pilgrem's Progress, we have Little Pilgrim's Progress: From John Bunyan's Classic by Helen Taylor. It is still more than 300 pages, but so much easier to read (at least for me!) but still so powerful in its story.

ASuh said...

Okay - I have an audio version of Pilgrim's Progress that ROCKS! It is read by a proper British lady and she is such a great narrator. So, if you do audio books, let me know and I'll dig around and find it and get it back to you. And - just finished The Help - really enjoyed it!

becca harris said...

becki - i have heard that about those books. i am hoping that since i don't typically like fiction that i will be able to read at least another book in between, but we will see. :)

jo - i have heard of goodreads. i may have to check it out.

angela - i LOVE audiobooks! i would love to listen to pilgrim's progress if you can find it! and if you like the help, then i have a feeling i will like it too.