Monday, September 14, 2009

crazy love...

i read this book, well listened to it on audiobooks in itunes, about a month ago. it is a good book. a great reminder of how big and great our god is, how lowly we are, and how much he loves us! then as a result of that love our lives are changed. it's an easy read (well i guess that is not fair to say since i listened to it, but i did listen to it while working out).

the lord really challenged me a few times in this book. one was the question, "does any part of your life require you to live by faith? " the answer that was no, not really. which revealed to me how i do not see my need for the lord. the second way he challenged me were through the stories in the second to last chapter. the one about the girl that moved to tanzania rocked me to the core. things in my life will be different.

i recommend reading this, or listening to it!

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