Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my first ut game...

this past saturday, i got to attend my first ut game and it was awesome! as many of you know i LOVE football and i love watching it live (i recently found out i get to go to a dallas cowboys game this year too!!). so 2 of my good friends here bought me a ticket to the game. it was super hot! (like sweat through your clothes hot) the horns dominated utep 64-7. our seats were really close. and yes, i even said hook'em and texas fight.

don't worry friends, i still love the sooners. and in 2 weekends, my heart will bleed crimson, but every other weekend this fall, i will also be cheering for texas. it is just too fun to pass up.

catie and i (one of the girls that bought my ticket)

our view. we were so close.


danielle said...

i guess this was bound to happen, living in austin! :)

mgoff said...

Look at that Texas shirt! Much better than O-who? Glad you made the switch! Miss you friend, you look like you are doing well!