Wednesday, September 30, 2009

flip happy crepes...

this post is long overdue, but i recently came across the pictures and decided to write a post.
one of the places in austin that i have heard about over and over again is flip happy crepes. a trailer in central austin that is known for its delicious crepes. so a month or so ago, some good friends of mine and i decided to hit it up for lunch.

obviously all they serve are crepes. i got one for my meal (the name of it escapes me) and a nutella and banana one for my dessert. it is so good! and lives up to all that the food network has said about it. i highly recommend it. good food and a great austin atmosphere.

food never looks as good in pictures, at least not my pictures.

me and my good friend olivia.

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meaghan said...

OMW! those look awesome!